Network Troubleshooting Section


Ping, Traceroute, and Wireshark: The basic, free tools of network troubleshooting

Because Ethernets, WiFi networks, and  internetworks are so important and so complicated, very powerful tools have been developed to help network engineers and administrators get them working correctly, and keep them working effectively. Small-Office and Home-Office (SOHO) network administrators can take advantage of these tools when things go awry, whether the problem is caused by congested traffic, spyware, viruses, misbehaving equipment, hostile users, or hackers. Links on this page will lead you to the best of these tools.


Our "Network Fundamentals" section includes two movies to document the most basic and most important of these tools, which are known as "Ping" and "TraceRoute", respectively. If you need something even more powerful, you'll find that "Wireshark" will let you examine all of the activity on your network segment, down to the most minute detail.  Click on the links below to learn more about these important and fundamental tools: